Numipicnic 2014 – Photoblog

Every year, we like to get together and invite all the Numikons and Numikids along to a big summer get-together. It’s a chance for everyone’s WAGs, HABs (is that a thing?) and little ‘uns to meet up over excessive amounts of BBQ meat and Lorena’s ridiculously good-looking platters of goodness.… Read more


Wahoo Phase Two is here!

This week we finally launched the second phase of Wahoo, our ongoing (and BIMA nominated!) project with WaterAid.

The second phase of the site has taken around six months to complete and now that it’s live we’re really proud of the outcome.… Read more


#Antibiotics triumphs in Longitude Prize

Last night, after much build up and anticipation, we officially found out which challenge would become to focus of Nesta’s re-established Longitude Prize 2014. Over the last five weeks, the debate has been raging across coversations on and off line to decide which of the six challenges; Food, Flight, Water, Paralysis, Dementia  or Antibiotics, was the one most worthy of the £10 million innovation fund.… Read more