Kinect TV and Sesame Street looks great

There’s a really interesting post at Fast Company about a mash-up of Sesame Street and Kinect.

It combines the fun, familiar characters of Sesame Street with the cool full-body interactivity of Kinect, letting kids step into scenes and interact with their favourite characters. In the demo you see children throwing virtual coconuts into a basket held by a muppet (a blue one – he looks familiar, but I can’t remember his name…) and jumping around cute virtual environments.

A lot of the same thinking has been done here as we went through for CBeebies Sing-along; they’re making casual games and experiences that don’t need kids’ complete attention at all times, and trying to avoid “frustrating win-lose states” that can ruin the fun.

It looks like a great idea, and I can see toys/activities/experiences like this becoming the norm for whole generations in years to come!

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