Leeds Digital Festival – Doing it for the Kids

As part of LDF 2011 we hosted a panel discussion last night about developing for children. On the panel were Pete Robinson and Claudio Franco from Dubit, Karen Lewis from MadeByPi, Dr Gianni Cassidy from Glasgow Caledonian University and me, being Tom Evans from Numiko. The panel and a small crowd of interested people gathered at Dock Street Market, and we kicked off.

Dave Eccles, our chair for the evening, navigated us safely through an evening that proved to be interesting and educational – for me, at least, and I hope the audience enjoyed it just as much. I won’t even try to capture the amount of things we talked about here as there was far too much discussion and I’m too busy to write it up! If you’re after a recap, the audience’s Twitter stream is probably a good place to start as we had our own hashtag, and there’s loads of great titbits and soundbites there.

If anyone has any questions or comments about the things we discussed then feel free to drop me an email or find me on Twitter. There are also a bunch of photos on flickr here.

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