Rap Beatbox Choir shortlisted for Revolution Award

The app we built to compliment Channel 4′s Street Summer season of programming last year, has been nominated for another award!

The Rap Beatbox Choir YouTube app has been shortlisted in the Revolution Awards Media & Entertainment category, and it’s up against some strong competition.

The app has already been recognised by the FWA - being awarded Site of the Day on 21 October 2011.  It’s also been nominated for a Best Award and we’ll hear if we’ve won on the 1st of March.  And last December it was made a finalist in the Creative Diversity Network Awards.

Based on its track-record, we have high hopes for the app, but we won’t find out if we’ve won until the 20th of April, so we’ll have our fingers and toes crossed till then!

To find out more about the RapBeatbox Choir YouTube app, click here.

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