Numiko create online content for C4 doc Make Bradford British

Channel 4′s Make Bradford British is a two-part documentary series, which starts Thursday, 1st March at 9pm.  Filmed in Bradford, it brings together some of the city’s residents – all British citizens, but from different races and backgrounds – to see what binds them all together and what it means to be British in 2012.

We were commissioned to create the online content to sit alongside the series, which consists of the series homepage, a citizenship test and twitter visualisation tool.

The test gives viewers the opportunity to experience Channel 4’s version of the official Life in the UK citizenship test for themselves – a pass in this is one of the requirements before granting citizenship to immigrants.  The results from every test carried out, is collated and shown in a series of graphs; stimulating debate about what it means to be British.

We have also created a way of capturing what people are saying using Twitter and showing it as a visualisation.  It pulls in the most popular words associated with the hashtag #MakesYouBritish to form an image based on the Union Jack. The image is updated every minute and words gain prominence in the image depending on their popularity.

To find out more about Make Bradford British and to take the test, visit


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