Apprentices: You're Hired!

''What we do in digital changes constantly. Inherently, it's a role that suits 'learning on the job'. Media, in general, needs to widen its talent pool from University educated, white, middle-class men. It's boring and makes our outlook boring.”Dave Eccles, Creative Strategy Director

Well said, Dave. So what are we doing about it? Numiko has been working with Happy Apprenticeships, an organisation that runs Drupal Web Developer Apprenticeships funded by the Skills Funding Agency and The Tech Partnership. The whole purpose of this initiative is to get people into our under-skilled industry through paths that may not be as well trodden as the university one. Happy’s role is to find the candidates who show the most passion and potential for a career in web development. From there the candidates take part in an intensive two-week Drupal boot camp where they learn everything they need to get them picking up their trade in a workplace environment. This is where Numiko and other agencies step in by welcoming apprentices onto their own teams.

“We get to teach them real world skills outside of 'just' coding.  We need people who will be excellent communicators, team players and that can think laterally to solve problems.” - Dave Eccles

Two new recruits!

After a gruelling interview process where we tested their enthusiasm, we’re pleased to announce the arrival of Michelle and Dylan! They impressed with their drive and clear determination to make the most of the opportunities that an apprenticeship would bring.

The most exciting thing about this scheme for Numiko is that not only do we get two new enthusiastic faces on the team, but we also get two fresh ways of thinking and an opportunity for us to learn along the way. We often say the most stupid questions are the ones that nobody asked, but having inquisitive minds encouraging us to explain our actions and processes has been brilliant. It makes us re-evaluate not just how we do things, but why, why, why?

Not only have we seen departments get involved with more topic-based discussions, Andy Tawse, Head of Back-end Development has only great feedback for the pair after just a couple of weeks:

Michelle and Dylan have got off to a great start at Numiko. Not only have they immediately impressed us with their thirst for knowledge but they have already been asking all the right questions. We can’t wait to see them put their knowledge into action and progress over the next year.”

So in summary: welcome to the team guys! We’re so pleased to have you onboard and can’t wait to see what you’re achieving this time next year. 

You can read more about the scheme and the process that is behind the initiative at