BIMA #DigitalDay15

This time last year Numiko was discussing how great it was to be part of BIMA Digital Day at Cardinal Heath Catholic High School and #DigitalDay15 was no exception. Since 2012 BIMA have expanded the annual event to 100 schools and 100 agencies with added support along the way.

The event allows agencies to talk directly with students and open their mind to career opportunities in the digital industry. This inspiration for young people is vital when the UK estimates we will need as many as 750,000 additional digitally skilled workers in the next 2 years with 200,000 being young people. If we want our agencies to recruit the best possible candidates, it’s important we play a part in developing them.

The day got off to a great start with snippets of insight and inspiration from some of the best agencies in the country. As you might expect we had some nerves around helping fifty 12-14 year olds discover their career in digital but the students were really keen to get stuck in and ask questions… especially when they saw the prizes on offer.

Each of the 6 teams were allocated one of 3 challenges with solutions to be entered into a national competition. The teams wasted no time in coming up with creative ideas on how to meet the briefs. These tasks were designed to challenge the students view on the role digital agencies play within national campaigns.  

The teams had to work together and learn how to: create personas, gather and apply insight, strategize, get create with digital campaign ideas, draw up wire frames and branding, then finally pitch – Dragons Den style.

The end result? The final pitches contained all the objectivity and creativity that you can expect from 13 year olds.

The solutions included apps that rewarded you with cash for good deeds, games that can earn you extra mobile data and credit and an integrated tv and digital campaign featuring Spiderman listening to Calvin Harris on Sony headphones to promote the album.

It was a fun day and the unanimous surprise lesson all the students gained was they had to learn to work as a team. Although it sounds simple and could be applied to any sector, I can’t think of anything truer in this industry. The projects Numiko accomplish don’t meet our high standards by allocating one amazing person to each account. As with any agency it is about utilising everyone’s skillsets to meet the brief and create something unique.

My personal favourite piece of feedback from the day:

Question: Now you have been part of Digital Day, what do you think digital is?

Answer: Everything.

You can read more about BIMA Digital Day and the challenges here:

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