Drupal Yorkshire at the ODI

Last Monday saw Drupal Yorkshire’s first monthly meetup hosted at the ODI Leeds with talks from Dan Harper, Chandeep Kosa and Paul Driver. With a buffet and drinks on the go, the night's agenda was a show and tell of experiences and challenges from the recent weeks.

Drupal Yorkshire ODI

First up was Dan who kicked off the evening explaining how he tackled a personality quiz based up of questions, answers and modifiers. Interestingly Dan chose to use the paragraph module to create an entity model. By using this module he explained and demonstrated how he had the flexibility to add the questions, answers and modifiers to allow scoring against each persona when the quiz was answered.


Drupal Yorkshire ODI Dan Harper Talk

Next up was Chandeep who followed with a demonstration on how he implemented a registration system for a carers site which allowed registered users of the site to create events.

Finally Paul Driver rounded up the evening by expanding on Chandeep’s registration demo and how it fits in with commerce by paying for events. https://www.drupal.org/project/registration_commerce

You may be asking yourself why these sessions matter? Drupal is one of the most well-known and widely used open-source CMS platforms in the world which invites the developer community to share and learn through collaboration. These meet-ups are a key step in bringing our knowledge and ideas toegther so we can pass innovation through to our clients. The methods that were shared on Monday have already got us thinking about how we could approach projects differently. 

We're looking forward to the next Drupal Yorkshire session so if you're a Drupal developer, thinking about it or maybe just keen to know what we talk about then come along to the next one on the 14th March at ODI Leeds. We'll see you there.