Isabel joins the Numiko team

People always say the first week is the hardest. If my first week at Numiko was a sign of things to come, I think it's safe to say I've made a great decision. Hitting the ground running is the best way to learn and get settled, and that is definitely what I've done here at Numiko.

Having always been "agency side" I started off primarily in print and branding, but always felt a pull to the digital arena. I love how digital provides solutions, tells stories and ultimately shapes our everyday lives.

While working in print certainly taught me valuable time and stress management skills, digital is where I always wanted to be. Working in integrated agencies I was constantly jealous of the digital teams. There are so many possibilities within the digital landscape – and those possibilities are constantly evolving/changing/increasing. I have quite an analytic mind as well, so being able to track and analyse virtually anything is fascinating to me and give clients such a good picture of which campaigns/projects have been successful in meeting and exceeding their objectives. In Leeds especially there is such a strong sense of community in digital, and it's been great to be a part of that. I've been working in digital for almost two years now, and I've never once looked back – I've even taught myself to do a bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding!

There are obviously a number of digital agencies in and around Leeds, but Numiko stood out to me for a number of reasons – the main reason being the type of clients that they work with. Of course the office on The Calls with a balcony over the River Aire is a massive bonus!

The thing that sold Numiko to me was their work with Blue Cross and that, if I got the job, I would be the producer on that project. To say I'm totally dog mad is an understatement – I also firmly stand behind the "don't shop, adopt" movement. When I'm not at work busy helping make websites happen, I'm usually dog walking or dog sitting. Having the opportunity to work with such a highly regarded and trusted pet/vetinary charity is an absolute dream.

I think of producers as the unsung heros of the agency world. We don't get to say we designed or built something, but we're the ones who have made it possible within timeframes and budgets – all the meanwhile handling a number of personalities, both studio and client side. No matter the budget, every client is important and it matters greatly to me that my clients feel that way. I absolutely love a happy client – it's the best part of my job – so I do my utmost to make that a reality.

I'm also working with Channel 5 Big Brother and National Lottery Good Causes, and will be picking up some more projects soon. So, as they say, watch this space!