Latest launch: Museum of Science and Industry

Numiko has reached another milestone in one of its biggest projects to date as the new website for Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry is launched.  It is the second in a series of four websites to be designed by Numiko for the Science Museum Group following the completion of the first website - for the National Science and Media Museum - in March 2017.

Audiences from around the world can now embark on an interactive voyage of discovery through the collections of the Museum of Science and Industry, which welcomed more than 700,000 visitors last year, thanks to iconic exhibits such as its world-famous collection of working steam mill engines.

Important new sections such as ‘Objects and Stories’ offer an interactive narrative through which audiences can learn about the people, places and things held within the Museum of Science and Industry’s collection. Image carousels bring to life stories such as those of Manchester’s ground breaking atomic theorist John Dalton or locomotive innovators Beyer & Peacock.

The museum’s vibrant cultural programme, including the Manchester Science Festival, is showcased in the ‘What’s On’ section, which allows users to search by date, age range and category. New integrated booking forms together with a range of planning tools better support school groups and educators to make the most of their visits.

The launch of the new Museum of Science and Industry website is part of major undertaking by Numiko to build a new online ecosystem for each of The Science Museum Group’s four world class museums, which also include the Science Museum in London and the National Railway Museum in York. The portfolio of new websites will incorporate a shared architecture, visual language and synergy between each of the museum’s distinct brands.

Harnessing the powerful editorial capabilities offered by Drupal 8, Numiko has developed a multi-site platform CMS that will enable the Science Museum Group to cascade updates and functionality through each of the websites. Drupal 8 offers a range of tools and functionality ideally suited to large organisations that may wish to create a large number of unique pages and layouts without sacrificing uniformity, cutting down on the need for costly bolt on microsites which may have previously been required for publications or events.

Once completed, the portfolio of four new websites will provide the Science Museum Group’s global audiences with a world leading online experience, helping visitors to make the most of their museum visits, supporting research into the collections, and providing resources for educators and learners. The online estate will also enhance the Science Museum Group’s revenue generation, audience data capture and communication strategy.

John Stack, Head of Digital for Science Museum Group said:

"The Science Museum Group is relaunching its entire web estate this year. Each of the four museums were displaying features of an end-of-life online web estate: dated design, poor content discovery, limited accessibility and mobile support, and unsustainable underlying technology.

We decided to address all of these issues (and more) in one go through a comprehensive overhaul over a year or so. We have a small in-house team and were keen to collaborate with a partner like Numiko who could work with us across all aspects of the project: requirements gathering, technical infrastructure, design, user experience, testing and post-launch enhancement."

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