Numiko Partners with Digitalme

At Numiko, we are fortunate enough to be able to boast about working with industry-leading organisations that make a difference to society. We’re excited to now announce that in January this year we added Digitalme to this list of clients.

Part of City & Guilds, Digitalme is determined to bring credentials into the digital age and to help show much more a person is than just their accreditations. An example of one of their most recent projects is Badge The UK. This is a collaboration between charities, teachers, awarding bodies, education hackers and employers to readdress how people’s talents are recognised and showcased. The aim is to create a new digital skills currency that will emphasise the value of real life working, and that’s just one project!

Numiko is working with Digitalme to design and develop a new website that will bring together all of their existing brands with one fluid look and feel. Currently digitalmeCredly, Open Badge Academy and Makewaves all sit within separate platforms.

This project will be a key step for Digitalme in becoming a leading force in the recognition and achievement of lifelong learning, from school to retirement. Presently, we're in the discovery phase of the project but Numiko will also be designing and developing the new and improved site with the launch scheduled for summer 2018.

Steve Rick had this to say about working with Numiko:

“Numiko have been great from the start in helping us in trying to help us in decoupling our complex offer and pushing our boundaries in the design process. Always willing to chat through our needs and wanting to get to the main essence of what we are trying to achieve is exactly what we have needed as a company through this process. The wider team have been excellent, understanding our needs and developing it into a site that we can be proud of and want to share with our customers.”

At the moment we are hard at work getting to know Digitalme and discussing ideas and designs. We can’t wait to show you some of the final results in a few months.

In the meantime, you can see more of our work on the case study pages.