Welcome Mark, Senior Producer!

Numiko is pleased to announce that just before Christmas we welcomed Mark Taylor onto the Production team, just in time for our Christmas trip to Dublin (nicely timed Mark). Mark will be looking after several of our museum and heritage clients including Science Museum Group, Kew, Royal Botanic Gardens and Design Council.

We were looking for someone with a wealth of experience and having been involved in ‘building the web’ for almost twenty years, we knew Mark would be a great addition to the team. I sat down with him to find out a little bit more about what he’ll be up to here.

Welcome to the team Mark! It’s great to have you on board. Tell us about life before Numiko?

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I have experience in everything all the way from hands-on design and build, product and business management. Not to mention a splash of innovation practice, across both client and service side.

Over the years I’ve led some diverse initiatives, including on-demand premiership football product, and music download services (remember them?).

So you’ve been part of some great projects then. What would you say are your career highlights?

My career highlights definitely include a few ‘firsts': The UK’s first consumer broadband portal, interstitial rich advertising platform and the Republic of Ireland’s first music streaming service to name a few. Most recently I ran a number of large-scale projects for a national open-source software development agency so I really got to enjoy using all my skills.

What brought you to Numiko?

An agency with 20-something members is the perfect size to create great work for large clients without feeling impersonal. That was one of the first things that got me interested in working here, coupled with our impressive client list.

After I first met with Numiko my first impression was what a nice feeling there was in the studio. When you step into the office you can tell everyone is hard-working and there is a very chilled atmosphere. I love that as an agency we deliver straight-up consultancy, discovery, web design and development. The combination of the teams I would be working in and the breadth of the projects is a perfect fit for my experience.

We’re glad we made such a great impression on you. You have been here about a month now, how have you found working with us so far?

Joining just in time to enjoy the Christmas trip to Dublin was a great added bonus and the ideal way to get to know everybody.

The culture here is great but not just outside of work. One of the things I’ve really picked up on is how customer-focussed everyone is. Too often agencies put the development first and the customer second. Here everyone’s attitude makes sure that the quality of work is always to the highest standard.

Since I’ve started I have to say this is one of the busiest jobs I’ve ever had. The days seem to fly by and it’s really good to be able to get so stuck into a project.

It sounds like it has been an exciting start for you. What would you say you're looking forward to the most in 2017 at Numiko?

As Producer for Kew and The Science Museum Group I am really looking forward to my first launch. In March we launch phase 1 of our work with The Science Museum Group as a £1million project, one of the interesting things is all the complexity is at the start of this project. It’s great to be working with all the brands across the group.

I’m also looking forward to updating one of our previously launched projects State of the World’s Plants. In May we will be launching an updated version of the website. One of the brilliant things about this project is how as the data repository grows and the data changes, we can continue to do interesting and engaging ways for people to engage with the data. The navigation is going to allow people to see the changes that happen over years.

And last but not least, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was actually born in Suffolk (so an easterner, not a southerner) I now live in a 15th-century cottage just outside York but have lived and worked in Yorkshire for 25 years now. I think that gives me an ‘honorary Yorkshireman’ status? Whatever spare time I have is spent going to gigs, walking the dog, camping, exploring the Yorkshire Wolds, wrestling with the garden and trying to stop my house from falling over.

Any good facts to add?

I’ve had a book published and still enjoy writing and researching but I’ll save that story for another time.  

Watch this space for updates on Mark's projects but in the meantime, did you know we're hiring