Welcoming AndyC!

This month, as part of our ongoing expansion, we have welcomed aboard our newest member of the front-end team, Andy Cochrane!

Andy is known as AndyC wherever he goes and is now the fifth member of our front-end team. Hailing from a slightly unconventional background, his journey into web-development started during his time as a bar manager in Leeds. I sat down with AndyC after his first week to get to know him a little better…

Hi AndyC. Welcome to the team! What brings you to Numiko?

I actually had a slightly unusual route into development and agency life. After studying Interactive Media at Leeds College of Art and Design, I found myself in Bar Management and loved it, so stayed for 7 years. It was really cool and I love being at the centre of all the excitement. I’d always dabbled in development in my spare time but it wasn’t till I was trying to make bar management easier using excel programmes, that I wanted to take it further. I then started to create solutions using web applications and thanks to all the information available on CSS, I was able to teach myself the skills I needed.

It wasn’t till later that I realised one of my regular customers was a well-respected developer in the industry who I'd been following online for months, he was able to give me advice on how to further my skills. Before I knew it I had landed my first digital agency job in the thick of some great projects, learning my trade from the ground-up. Now I’m excited for the next stage in my career and working with some of Numiko’s impressive clients.

Wow - that’s quite a journey! So what is it that you enjoy about development?

As I studied Interactive Media, we learnt a little about a lot. There were so many small modules and subjects but I was really drawn to animation and development. By working on the frontend of websites I get the opportunity to use both my creative and technical skills. My role means I get the chance to be involved in projects from the very beginning and apply my skills to making the team's ideas and designs come to life. There’s so many ways to get creative and I love the mix of what the role entails.

Do you have any favourite projects from your career so far?

I really enjoyed working on the Topple Trump project at Parallax. As I had never worked in an agency before, it was great to be involved in a project at numerous stages. It gave me a thorough understanding of how work passes through an agency and I was able to contribute in several different ways. It was a really effective way of learning for me, especially considering I’d gone from working as a bar manager to being at the centre of interesting digital projects all in less than a year.

Sounds like it was a great project to be thrown into. What projects are you looking forward to the most at Numiko?

Numiko have a great client-base. One of the things I’ve loved so far is getting involved and contributing to client meetings, even in my first week. I love being part of the decision-making process and having an impact on how a project evolves. At the moment I am working on some Channel 4 and Blue Cross projects but I am also really looking forward to working on Science Museum Group. We’ve just launched one of their new websites but I’m excited to get involved in group level projects as well. They’re all great brands to work with.

And lastly, how have you found your first week at Numiko?

Everyone has been really welcoming. I’ve been set up with all the tech I need and what I am used to working with. It’s a really happy team here, the way everyone is so friendly and approachable makes it a lot easier to ask questions and get to know everyone.

I’m quite social to it’s really reassuring to know that at the end of the week we can all sit back with a beer and discuss what we’ve been getting on with.

We can’t wait to show off some of the work AndyC has been working on. If you’re interested in starting your own career at Numiko, get in touch! We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join the team!