We're Hiring!

Founded in 2000, Numiko is an award-winning independent digital agency based in Leeds, who believe in creating technology with a conscience.

We work with a varied range of forward-thinking clients from broadcasters to charities, delivering best in class digital strategy, creative and development all focused upon the user. You'll be working on award-winning projects for the likes of Channel 4, Design Council, Goldsmiths University, the Science Museum Group, and the King's Fund.

We are passionate about creating great digital work for our users and clients and having fun in the process.

What you can expect from working at Numiko

  • A competitive salary
  • A great city centre studio to work in with your choice of tech
  • Access to the Numikon Fund to make your working life better
  • Good working hours (we don’t tend to work late!)
  • The opportunity to push your skills, experiment and deliver world-class projects.

Every member of Numiko is a team player – someone who works closely with the existing front-end, back-end and creative teams.  We want someone who shares ideas, helps improves the process as a whole and has the motivation to create outstanding websites.

We’re looking for a passionate and pragmatic PHP Developer and a Senior Producer. Here’s what we’re looking for in each.

PHP Developer

What we do:

  • Build Drupal 8 websites and write bespoke modules to integrate with external services and bend Drupal to our will. As much as possible using Composer, Configuration Management and other ways to smooth development
  • Create Symfony applications
  • Maintain our Drupal 7 sites
  • Write JavaScript with jQuery and RequireJS
  • Work with the frontend team to integrate and support their work with tools and knowledge we can pass on.
  • Work with producers to plan and estimate
  • Participate in stand-ups, sprint planning, client show and tells
  • Deploy sites and ensure they run smoothly. We're interested in PaaS and using modern hosting to improve our workflow.
  • Security reviews
  • Share knowledge and contribute ideas about how we can improve the way we work. We're strongest when we communicate and learn from each other.

What our PHP Developer needs to have

  • Any experience of Drupal and a keen willingness to learn more
  • Any knowledge of frameworks like Symfony and the object-oriented principles behind them
  • Some experience with data-driven JS application building, and an interest in libraries and frameworks such as RequireJS, Angular, React etc.
  • Good working knowledge of git
  • Have a good awareness of web application security
  • Any experience of integration of external APIs
  • Basic Linux/Apache admin skills
  • Awareness of how to write testable, reusable components

Senior Producer

Our producers sit within each multi-disciplinary project team. The role combines project, production and client management:

  • They are empowered to lead the team and to empower them to do their best work.
  • They can engage with both the big picture and the details.
  • They are empathetic to the client’s needs and concerns.
  • They are keen on user experience, placing the needs of the user at the forefront.

We’re guessing that anyone reading this knows a traditional project manager role. So let us tell you what this role is not:

Project management

  • The producer does not build a roadmap of the project but helps the team in structuring it so that it can continuously be kept up to date.
  • The producer does not create tasks for the team but helps the team improve their skills in planning their work.

Finance management and project accounting

  • The producer does not track the progress of the teams but helps them setting up structures and working processes, so that they can detect problems early on.
  • The producer does not rule time and budget alone but works with the team and the client to make collective decisions about priority and effort.

Communication, teamwork and client management

  • The producer does not manage the communication between and within internal and client teams but facilitates it.
  • The producer does not focus just on the immediate project but is aware of the client’s wider and longer term concerns and priorities, in order to create more opportunities to work with them on new projects.
  • The producer does not resolve dependencies in the team but helps them discover problems and sort them out.

Technical understanding and user experience planning

  • The producer does not only explain how something is done but also helps the team understand why.
  • The producer does not solve the immediate problem but helps the team solve it themselves and also preventing it from reoccurring.
  • The producer doesn't assume user experience happens as part of the design but validates and iterates throughout the project process.
  • We'd love to meet people with at least five years’ experience in delivering UX-focussed digital web projects with budgets around £50k-300k.

It’s likely that you have come from a development background and can hold your own in technical conversations, suggesting new approaches to problems and helping the team get the most out of each other’s skills. However, you’re also full of creative ideas and love engaging with people, be that your team or a client.

To apply:

If any of these roles sound like you then please send us your CV, online portfolio with your latest samples of work and a covering letter describing your involvement within those projects to jobs@numiko.com. Please make sure you name the role you are interested in within the email title. 

Please note we do not wish to hear from recruitment consultants.