Allianz UK

Helping one of the biggest insurers in the UK change the way their employees engage with fundraising.

In September 2015, Allianz, one of the biggest insurers in the UK, came to Numiko for help with the way they engaged their employees with fundraising on a local level.

Allianz launched a new charity partnership with The Association of Air Ambulances Charity (AAAC) in late 2015 and an ambitious fundraising target of £1,000,000 was set. To achieve their goal, Allianz knew they had to put a solution in place that would tell the stories of local Air Ambulance teams and encourage employees to really get stuck into corporate fundraising.

But this project isn’t about just raising more money. Allianz wanted to make sure that each office knew their efforts were benefitting their local community. Transparency has been crucial since the very beginning.

Trends in corporate fundraising are changing and digital donation methods are on the rise. Numiko quickly initiated the Discovery phase of the project were we were able to run workshops with the users of the solution and start to truly understand the nitty gritty of the project. We learnt that it was vital we created a platform that would:

  • Display what activities Allianz staff have and will be taking part in
  • Support and encourage Allianz fundraisers
  • Communicate stories and mission updates from local regions of Air Ambulance
  • Allow employees to submit their own event onto the platform
  • Act as a system to alleviate the need to count cash and cheques manually
  • Claim Gift Aid on donations
  • Use PayPal as a secure and easy way to donate
  • Show employees how much had been raised: per person, per team, per event and in total
  • Produce regular reports for CSR and community managers to track progress

This was no small task! We set about building a secure platform that would solve both the business and user needs.

The look and feel of the site had to be just right and with so many technical and user requirements it was vital it was easy to use.

The platform is now live and being used by all Allianz employees to promote their events and collect donations.

We are continuing to work with Allianz to make sure that £1,000,000 is reached and they are benefiting the community around them.