Digital Design and Build

Are you undertaking a digital project that needs creative and technical support? If you have a brief that could benefit from our creative thought and expertise, we’d love to hear from you.

We do it by utilising an expert team with over 15 years’ experience of designing beautiful websites that are centred on user need, all underpinned by a well-honed, practical approach to development.

Our work is tested to be high quality, with care taken in the craft and execution. Whilst we use the latest techniques for the modern web, we don’t chase shiny new technology for the sake of it. We test, we prove, and take every project as seriously as you do.

Digital Brand

Digital brand

Working with existing brand architecture, often designed for an offline, static application we bring it to life online. We create ‘digital first brands’ using our experience of how people interact with brands in an interactive space. 

Concept Development and Prototyping

Concept development and prototyping

Prototypes are instrumental in helping visualise digital projects for internal buy in, and getting early user feedback. We have worked on a variety of early path finding prototypes for major projects with the BBC, Office of National Statistics and Channel 4 to help define major projects.

Information Architecture

Information architecture

We apply our User Centred Design process to inform, adapt and verify the structure of your website. This involves various methods such as card sorting with users, user testing on prototype IA and ‘task analysis’ to find out how a user can achieve their goals most easily.

Responsive Web Design and Build

Responsive web design and build

We use a modern approach to design and coding that delivers the best possible experience, no matter what device is being used to use the site. We use device-specific features like touch, swiping and rotation so that touch screen devices like tablets and smart phones are used to the fullest extent of their capabilities.

Drupal CMS
Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS

Drupal is an open source CMS which we recommend to many of our clients. It is a highly flexible CMS built for the modern web of open standards, personalisation and a plethora of device access. Numiko is an Acquia certified Partner and we have a long history of large-scale, high traffic Drupal website builds. 

User Testing

User testing

User testing provides a practical, hands-on insight into how users interact with your website. It will let us identify areas that work well and those that need improvement, either in terms of IA, interaction or content. We use a variety of techniques, from large volume remote user testing, to one-on-one with our fully equipped on-site user testing rig.



We’re not a hosting company, but we design and advise on cloud-based hosting platforms for the projects we work on. Our projects for broadcasters receive huge amounts of traffic within a short space of time and any mistakes would be ruthlessly exposed. We are solution partners with Acquia and Amazon Web Services.

Our experience


Blue Cross

Helping one of the UK’s leading animal charities to engage with a new generation of supporters.

Wahoo for WaterAid

Wahoo utilises the very latest development techniques to provide a highly personal gifting experience no matter what device you are using.
Design Council hero

Design Council

A fully responsive design using fluid grids, a push menu system and rock solid Drupal build.