Our Approach

We're a rare breed. We don’t take on staff to swell out numbers and please our shareholders. So yes, we’re smaller than some. But don’t be fooled by numbers and Big Agency swagger. We’re probably better value, smarter and much more honest

We pride ourselves on being inquisitive, but also flexible, understanding and supportive to our clients. We will advise you, guide you and work hard so that your project is a success.

We know that every organisation is different, as is each project. For that reason, we don’t have a set process that we slavishly follow no matter what. Instead, a set of guiding principles that inform how we work.

We’ve developed this approach based on our 15 years of experience, which allows us to deliver high quality projects, rooted in user insight whilst having great working relationships with our clients.

Start with Pace
Start with Pace

We start with pace

By the time we start a project, it’s likely that you have been building a business case and running a procurement process probably over many months. Therefore we start the project with the pace and momentum you need.
Evidence Based

We are evidence based

There are things we know, and things we don’t. There’s usually a good chance you don’t know some of the questions we may have about the user of the project. That’s why we conduct research to answer these questions.
Project Teams

We have project teams

We don’t pass projects through the studio like a production line. Every project is different to the last. We have a cross-disciplinary team working on your project, put together based on the requirements of the project, but usually consisting of a designer, developer, strategist, a producer and a dedicated tester.
Talking is Good

We believe talking is good

We believe that talking about a project is better than solely relying on documentation. Doing things like prototyping and sketching is usually better than just talking.
Iterative Development
Iterative Development

Iterative development

We get things built quickly, so we can all see even at a rudimentary level the shape of the project. We then revise and polish this in cycles, testing, gathering feedback and applying what we learn.
Work Quickly
Work Quickly

We work quickly

We are lean and nimble. We make rapid progress by making some assumptions, or nothing gets done. Expecting to have all the knowledge up front is unrealistic and slows projects down. Instead we stress test any assumptions through user testing and gathering evidence as we progress.
Knowledgeable Experts

Knowledgeable experts

We have brilliant teams of designers, thinkers and programmers. You will meet them all and can talk to the people who are the experts, not an account manager.
We also care deeply

We care

We also care deeply about the clients we work with. We want to work with other people who care and who want to make a difference for their customers, staff or society as a whole.  Don’t worry, we’re not a bunch of dreadlocked hippies, just a team that happens to put our heart and soul into things we believe in.

Like us?

If you like how we work and these things matter to you too, then you can either join our team, or work with us on a project. When we find time (admittedly not as much as we’d like) to share our thoughts we’re on our blog, and Twitter.