Achieving Digital Zen

Our collection of resources to help delegates at the Engaging Digital Comms Conference create happy, effective teams that deliver outstanding results.

  • Assess your digital maturity and get resources to improve
  • Understand how to focus your organisation's efforts around a coherent digital vision.
  • Find out how to foster happy, effective digital teams

Digital maturity assessment

We have worked on digital transformation and training projects for a wide range of large and complex organisations, including some of the largest charities in the UK. We’ve created a digital maturity assessment tool to assess your organisation’s current level of digital leadership, skills and culture. This free tool will provide you with a better understanding of how digitally mature your organisation is and give recommendations on what to focus on to improve.

Click here to assess your organisation’s digital maturity.

We recommend getting multiple people from across your organisation to take the assessment. Compare results to see how different areas of the organisation have different perceptions of its digital maturity.

Digital commissioning framework

We recommend you develop a digital commissioning framework to establish a clear set of rules for kicking off new digital projects. This provides a structure to help teams think about digital projects in a more user-focused and rigorous way. This allows the digital team to focus on what matters for driving organisational objectives and removes ‘pet projects’ by objectively scoring potential projects.

Use our Project Checklist as a template for your digital commissioning framework.

Set up your team for success

High-performing teams have a very clear understanding of what’s expected of them that’s well-known and documented. Creating a set of clear rules can help you get the whole team bought into the digital vision and establish ways of working with the rest of the organisation that allow digital teams to reduce complexity and focus on delivering on their key objectives.

To establish this for your team, use the resource below to create your team’s ten commandments for digital success. Put up the poster to allow you to refer back to it to always stay aligned with your wider goals.

Download the Ten Commandments for Digital Success Poster.

Get buy-in for your digital vision

To achieve ‘digital zen’ you need senior leaders bought into your vision. They need to understand your strategy and how it will deliver the organisation's objectives. To get their buy-in, we recommend establishing a digital vision.

Find out the most effective ways to engage senior stakeholders and achieve buy-in.

Conduct a content audit

When you’ve understood your level of digital maturity, achieved senior buy-in for your digital vision, set up your digital commissioning framework and established your team’s mantra then it’s time to start putting this new focus into practice.

You may want to start by simplifying your digital estate to focus on the priorities your new vision identifies. We recommend conducting a website content audit to establish where to focus your efforts.

Find out how to run an effective content audit.

Brief an agency

To evolve your digital estate to meet your new digital vision, you may want to commission an agency to deliver a new, more focused and effective website. To help make this relationship as effective and productive as possible, we’ve created a guide to writing great briefs.

Find out how to write a great brief for digital agencies.

Case studies

We work with many of the top charities, museums, and universities in the UK to help them simplify their digital estates, work more effectively, and deliver better digital experiences to their users. Find out more about how we do this in the following case studies:

You can also see the full range of organisations we work with.

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