Why we do it

We help organisations bring positive change to the world, no matter what sector they are in.

Organisations that give back to the world rather than simply take from it are important. They help create a healthy, just and fulfilled society. The work we do for clients helps people learn new things, see the world in new ways, better themselves or get support when they need it. We’re not interested in working with clients whose single aim is to flog more stuff to more people who don’t need it.

This means that we choose our clients very carefully. Some may say this is not particularly commercially minded. We beg to differ.

The path we’ve chosen since our launch in 2000 has been both fulfilling and profitable. With a great ethos, you attract great people, both in terms of clients and the people who work for us. When you combine great people with a common purpose the results are outstanding.

Our values

We have the following values which we hold dear:

  1. We do the right thing. We act with trustworthiness, understanding and empathy with each other and our clients.
  2. We work smart and simplify. We like simple, elegant solutions to problems. Our processes make it easy to get work done and easy for our clients to work with us.
  3. We are guides for our clients. We are trusted collaborators, providing clear, concise and confident explanations and advice.
  4. We have a can-do attitude. We take responsibility for our work, both individually and as a company.
  5. We have fun. Having fun is an essential part of working at Numiko. We develop great relationships with our clients and each other.

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