Maximising your Google Ads grant

We’ll thoroughly analyse your Google Ads account and campaigns to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance the performance of your ads, maximising the impact of your grant budget.

  • Improve campaign quality scores for lower costs per click.
  • Create higher converting ads and landing pages.
  • Boost traffic, brand awareness and donations.

Account Audit

We'll thoroughly review your account structure, tracking, billing, and campaign settings and we’ll work with you to understand your objectives, setting relevant goals for campaigns to achieve your objectives and maximise the effectiveness of your ads grant.

Ad copy review

We'll assess your ad copy, and landing pages to improve quality score factors. We’ll show you how to leverage emotional appeals and help you convey your value proposition concisely and in a way that drives click-throughs. Strong calls to action are key to improving your results from Google Ads, and we’ll assess which of your CTAs are most effective to uncover how they can be improved.

Keyword research

We’ll conduct in-depth keyword research to identify relevant keywords that align with your charity’s mission and target audience. We assess cost-per-click and propensity to convert to ensure you’re spending your grant in the most effective way.

Campaign Optimisation

We’ll provide specific optimisations to improve relevance, expected click-through rate, ad strength, and more. We can also support with optimising landing page effectiveness, using techniques such as creating tailored, cause-specific landing pages designed for certain keywords, which perform better than generic, side-wide donation pages.

Conversion Tracking

We'll implement goals, event tracking, and UTM parameters for better performance insights. We’ll set up your Google Analytics 4 to integrate with Google AdWords so you can track activity from click onwards, and correctly attribute conversions.

Reporting & continuous optimisation

We’ll create custom dashboards, alerts, and reporting to uncover optimisation opportunities. We will provide monthly recommendations and iterations to continuously improve performance.

We chose to work with Numiko based on their vast experience in the sector and their track record of helping other charities to radically improve their digital performance. They took the time to engage with our young people through discovery sessions and an inclusive design process.

Kevin Reynolds, Head of Digital Engagement, Teenage Cancer Trust

Recommended services

We recommend combining our maximising your Google Ads grant service with the following services:
Digital Strategy (2)

Many organisations either don't have a digital strategy, or it’s not understood outside of your digital team. We work across your organisation to develop a shared vision for your digital estate and a roadmap of how to get there.

SEO Audit (1)

Our SEO audit analyses your online presence and delivers a targeted plan for driving organic growth. We identify the areas you need to improve and give you the tools you need to keep growing your web traffic over the long term.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (2)

Our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) service identifies and addresses friction points in a user journey that are stopping your users from taking a desired action, so you can drastically increase your results.

Working with us

How we’ll work with you:

Collaborative – We work to understand your organisation and all stakeholders, so we can guide complex organisations to deliver projects with a single vision.

A trusted guide – If we can see a better way to achieve your goal, we’ll tell you. We push your project to be the best it can be, so we’re willing to challenge conventional thinking to bring it to life.

One team – Our processes ensure we’re not working in silos. We’ll collaborate at every stage so we become an extension of your team, and establish an environment where sharing of knowledge, experience and insights flows both ways.

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Drastically improve your results from Google Ads with our maximising your Google Ads grant service.

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