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Challenging the next generation of graduates to answer the planet's greatest challenges with SOAS University of London.

SOAS University of London is a prestigious higher education institution specialising in the study of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Celebrating a century of academic excellence, the university aimed to overhaul its website, marking a fresh chapter in its digital strategy.


The primary motivation for SOAS to develop a new website was to bridge the gap between their vibrant digital marketing efforts and their outdated website that was failing to deliver a satisfactory user experience. This disconnect was hindering the university's aspirations, with staff reluctant to upload content into the obsolete infrastructure.


We launched a comprehensive overhaul of the existing website, integrating an appealing design that was perfectly aligned with the university's dynamic branding. On the landing page of a university website you might expect to find lots of information and lots of answers. When you arrive at the SOAS website, you find only questions: How does the environment intersect with global poverty and inequality? Is there a solution to the world's refugee crisis? The planet is facing some of its greatest challenges. It is current generations of students asking questions about how those challenges might be addressed and it will likely be the next generation of graduates finding the answers.

SOAS is a university like no other, and we wanted to create a website that cemented this reputation and reflected the university's commitment to addressing real-world issues. Built using the Drupal content management system, the new SOAS website is a practical tool as well as a symbol of their reputation and renewal. The user-friendly CMS has simplified internal operations for staff, saving huge amounts of time. We did not lose sight of the fact that prospective students are looking for information too: course content, entry requirements, and career prospects. We used thoughtful user journey mapping and a refreshed information architecture to ensure students can find what they are looking for.

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The launch of the new website was met with remarkable success, as evidenced by these analytics metrics compared with the previous year.

  • Total page views increased by 46.7% demonstrating a significantly increased level of user engagement.
  • The number of users increased by 70% and the number of new users increased by 86% demonstrating the website's ability to reach new audiences.
  • The number of users from outside the UK increased by 67% demonstrating significantly improved international reach.
  • The number of students starting an online application increased by 219% demonstrating the website's capability as a tool for student recruitment.

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"It was refreshing to work with Numiko. They'll give you something that you didn't think you needed based on what you gave them. We knew we were in safe hands; it was a partnership."

Jack Neenan, Head of Digital at SOAS