Booker Prizes

Inviting users to explore outstanding works of fiction with the world's leading literary awards.

The Booker Prizes have celebrated remarkable fiction from authors like Hilary Mantel and Salman Rushdie. For over 50 years, they have held a revered position in British culture, captivating readers with outstanding literary works.


The team behind the Booker Prizes aspire to do more than promote the prizes themselves. They want to expand the consumption of literature and draw more readers towards high quality fiction. The books themselves may form the ultimate reading list, but in the new website, we wanted to capture the ‘golden thread’ between books, authors, judges and debate that has characterised the Booker Prizes for so many years. The new website gives a home to every author, translator, judge, and each of the 600 books longlisted since the inception of the prizes in 1969.


We created a content-rich destination, inviting users to get lost in a world akin to the pages of a captivating book. Equipped with powerful tools, the Booker Prizes team now have the ability to curate content and engage readers through innovative features and functionality. The goal was to create a site that facilitated serendipitous exploration of the Booker Prize's vast archive. To guide users, we employed a visual cue inspired by the book graphic within the logo, effectively linking content and infusing pages with dynamic movement. Users can glide between content related to authors, specific books, years and more. We also created a toolbox of components for content editors to enrich each of these pages with an exciting variety of layouts.

Book slice


The analytics data for the new website very clearly illustrates how effective the new website is engaging fans of remarkable fiction:

  • Just a month after launch, the 'dwell time' increased by almost 20% demonstrating that users are enjoying exploring the content.
  • The number of pages accessed per session increased by 21% demonstrating the efficacy of the content linking we introduced.
  • The average session duration increased by 34% demonstrating that users are spending significantly more time exploring the literary work.

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"I can't believe what you've pulled off. It's utterly amazing. I'm so glad you built this website for us—it's seamless, logical, and a cinch to use, as well as being dramatically beautiful."

Gaby Wood, Director, Booker Prize Foundation