Channel 4

Developing an innovative range of complex, multiplatform, and high-traffic platforms for a major broadcaster.

Working with a major broadcaster requires not only imagination and creativity, but also the technical ability to build things that stand up to huge amounts of traffic. Broadcast-to-online traffic peaks can be almost instantaneous, with the power to melt servers.

Since our first direct commission in 2011, we have become Channel 4's trusted, go-to digital agency for some of their most innovative and high-profile digital projects. These projects have been some of our most celebrated, winning 12 major awards from prestigious associations such as BIMA, International Emmy, Revolution and W3. Our work has also been highly commended in a further five competitions including the prestigious TV Craft awards.


In 2011, we were commissioned to work on a prototype for how Channel 4 could use the (then) new technology of Smart TVs to provide viewers with on-demand coverage of the 2012 Paralympics. We designed and built a fully working prototype which was used internally at Channel 4 to map out the possibilities of this new technology when covering a major event.

Numiko have delivered the website and support services for Stand Up To Cancer every year since 2012, including highly resilient on-the-night technology and support for high-profile fundraising systems. A fully responsive website featuring mission-critical donation traffic drivers and a constantly updating live feed of editorial and social content, the technical implementation to be rock solid to ensure the massive TV audience can seamlessly visit and donate from on-screen calls to action.


Multiplatform innovation

Our multi-platform projects represent some of the most complex and innovative work we have completed for Channel 4. Foxes Live: Wild in the City and Easter Eggs Live are two of our favourites and most celebrated, being awarded Revolution Awards and Webby Awards. Developed in conjunction with Windfall Films, they worked to directly engage and excite the public, giving them a real insight into two ground-breaking natural history projects across a variety of devices.

Second screen experiences

There is an increasing demand for second screen experiences to further extend viewer engagement with broadcast content. In 2013, Numiko explored this next step, working on projects for a new commission, Health Freaks, as well as for hit-comedy Fresh Meat.

We built a system that allowed programme contributors on Channel 4’s The Secret Life of Students to share their digital communications with the production team in real-time, including their internet search history, social media interactions, texts and calls. Just as fixed-rig filming opened up a whole new raft of possibilities for filmmakers, these digital developments have enabled a new depth of insight in observational documentaries and across TV as a whole.

We continue to work with Channel 4 and are currently rebuilding their digital web ecosystem (outside of All4), moving the broadcaster onto a Drupal-based multisite setup.

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