Teenage Cancer Trust

A flexible and powerful platform for reaching more young people living with cancer

The Teenage Cancer Trust is a pioneering charity that provides specialised cancer care for young people. Started in 1990, the organisation has transformed the way young people with cancer are treated, creating dedicated units within NHS hospitals that cater to their unique physical, emotional, and social needs. However, like many charities, the Teenage Cancer Trust faced challenges in terms of their digital presence and reaching their target audience effectively.


The Teenage Cancer Trust recognised the limitations of their existing content management system, which restricted their editorial capabilities. As a charity with ambitious goals, they needed a more flexible and powerful platform to amplify their message and reach more young people living with cancer and their families. Improving their search engine optimisation was also crucial to enhancing their visibility.


Working closely with the Teenage Cancer Trust, we embarked on a creative journey to refresh the charity's brand and digital presence. The goal was to create a youthful, positive, and bold website that resonated with the target audience. A comprehensive rework of the website's information architecture took place, involving testing with a diverse group of users, including teenagers, parents, and carers.

We developed a powerful toolkit for content migration and development to support the transfer of existing content and accommodate the charity's ambitious plans for future growth. We also equipped the Teenage Cancer Trust with essential back-end tools to optimise content, including the implementation of structured data for FAQs, enhancing their performance in Google searches.

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The new website empowered the Teenage Cancer Trust to expand their editorial content boldly, aligning with their aspirations as a growing charity.

In the first quarter after launch:

  • Time spent on pages increased by 47% demonstrating that their website content was now much more engaging.
  • User donations increased, including a 348% rise in £25 donations, demonstrating the efficacy of the user journeys we planned, and the donations systems we implemented.
  • Page load time decreased by 43% demonstrating the robustness of our technical implementation of the new website.
  • Google Analytics reported a commendable 62% engagement rate, demonstrating that user of the new website are actively involved with the charity's content.

Teenage Cancer Trust

"We chose to work with Numiko based on their vast experience in the sector and their track record of helping other charities to radically improve their digital performance. They took the time to engage with our young people through discovery sessions and an inclusive design process. This resulted in a new site which encapsulates the energy and bravery of our young people."

Kevin Reynolds, Head of Digital Engagement, Teenage Cancer Trust