Accessibility and Performance Review

We’re experts at creating websites at or above the AA WCAG 2.2 standard. Our team is highly experienced in creating websites that are simultaneously visually impressive, great for users and easily accessible.

  • Understand how to meet AA WCAG 2.2 accessibility standards to make your website more inclusive.
  • Identify areas you can optimise for faster load times.
  • Reduce user struggle and boost engagement metrics.

Accessibility Testing

To ensure your website meets the accessibility standards you require, we’ll assess your website against website accessibility guidelines and performance best practices to identify improvements. We conduct WCAG 2.2 AA automated and manual testing to identify the current accessibility of your website and uncover any areas where WCAG standards are not met. In addition, we can work with users with disabilities to identify areas of struggle through first-hand feedback.

Performance Testing & technical audit

We'll analyse page load speeds, response times, and bandwidth utilisation. We also identify performance optimisation opportunities by assessing your website’s infrastructure, front-end code, plugins, and more.

Performance optimisation playbook

You'll receive an actionable playbook detailing the priority issues our experts have identified that need to be addressed, with tailored solutions and details on best practices.


When combined with our Drupal website development service, we will implement key recommendations to boost your website’s performance and ensure it attains an AA WCAG 2.2 rating. We will integrate guidance into development processes, and track progress. Improved website performance will decrease page load times, enhance user experience, reduce hosting costs and shrink your digital carbon footprint.

"Numiko's team created a website that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. The site is easy to navigate, with clear and concise content that is tailored to our target audience. The design is also consistent with our refreshed visual identity, and it effectively communicates our values and mission."

Daniel Wigglesworth - Head of Digital Product, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Recommended services

We recommend combining this accessibility and performance review with the following services:
Digital Audit (1)

As campaigns and colleagues come and go, it’s easy for your website to grow out of control. We can review your content, processes and technology to identify what can be tweaked to maximise your potential.

Content Strategy (1)

Refreshing your content strategy will give you a clear idea of how to plan, create, and maintain great content that fulfils the needs of your users and aligns with your strategic objectives.

Digital brand and user experience (1)

We’ll develop your existing guidelines to create a cohesive digital brand that thrives online, and combine it with our award-winning expertise in UX design to create experiences that delight your audiences.

Working with us

How we’ll work with you:

Collaborative – We work to understand your organisation and all stakeholders, so we can guide complex organisations to deliver projects with a single vision.

A trusted guide – If we can see a better way to achieve your goal, we’ll tell you. We push your project to be the best it can be, so we’re willing to challenge conventional thinking to bring it to life.

One team – Our processes ensure we’re not working in silos. We’ll collaborate at every stage so we become an extension of your team, and establish an environment where sharing of knowledge, experience and insights flows both ways.

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Review your website's accessibility and performance with us to ensure your WCAG AA compliance and boost your results.

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