Digital Audit

As campaigns and colleagues come and go, it’s easy for your website to grow out of control. We can review your content, processes and technology to identify what can be tweaked to maximise your potential.

  • Get a really clear understanding of your breadth of content and how it’s performing.
  • Find out how to simplify and rationalise your digital estate and reduce running costs.
  • Prioritise which areas to improve and how to evolve your website to get the best results.

Digital Estate Mapping

We conduct a detailed audit of all of your websites, subsites, sections, pages and social media accounts. From this data, we’ll produce a sitemap that identifies the full structure of your digital estate and how it all interconnects. We also check that analytics are implemented properly across all sites and assets.

Governance & Quality Audit

We review your digital governance to identify the success of your workflows, processes, roles and responsibilities. We’ll also analyse your quality assurance practices to identify any gaps and provide recommendations to improve your governance process, allowing you to be confident your website is in the best shape it can be.

Accessibility Auditing

To ensure your website is accessible and serving all users, we perform a technical accessibility check against WCAG 2.2 AA standards. Our accessibility experts also conduct manual accessibility testing to get a clear picture of any issues that need resolving. We’ll provide recommendations so you can easily fix any concerns.

Usability Auditing

Our UX experts conduct heuristic reviews against usability best practices and facilitate user testing to uncover pain points. We analyse your content, information architecture, navigation, calls-to-action and user journeys and make recommendations on how you can improve your website’s user experience to best serve your users.

Competitor Benchmarking

Your website doesn’t exist in isolation, so we thoroughly review and analyse your key competitors' digital presence and features. We assess their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to your website and provide recommendations on how your website can be improved based on competitor successes.

Technology Audit

We audit your CMS, plugins and hosting environment. We assess performance, security and maintainability, providing recommendations for future-proofing and mitigation of risk.

Carbon Footprint Analysis

We analyse the environmental impact of your digital presence and provide recommendations to reduce your digital carbon footprint through optimisations. We then report on the carbon emissions of your website through weekly reports that can inform ongoing optimisation work, and feed into your wider sustainability reporting systems.

"Having worked with the Numiko team during our seven-month Discovery Phase, I’m impressed by their expertise, agility and understanding of our complex organisation. They successfully embedded themselves across all teams in the Foundation, auditing our current strategies, ways of working and ambitions – all of which formed a foolproof and achievable roadmap for Implementation."

Sean Clemenson, Head of Digital Development

Recommended services

We recommend combining a digital audit with the following services:
User Insight

As your website grows, it’s easy to lose sight of your user’s needs. To get you back on track, you can rely on our expertise in analytics, primary research and user journey analysis to get actionable user insights.

Digital Strategy (2)

Many organisations either don't have a digital strategy, or it’s not understood outside of your digital team. We work across your organisation to develop a shared vision for your digital estate and a roadmap of how to get there.

Content Optimisation (1)

We establish SEO best practices around your content production to boost rankings and organic search traffic.

Working with us

How we’ll work with you:

  • Collaborative – We work to understand your organisation and all stakeholders, so we can guide complex organisations to deliver projects with a single vision.
  • A trusted guide – If we can see a better way to achieve your goal, we’ll tell you. We push your project to be the best it can be, so we’re willing to challenge conventional thinking to bring it to life.
  • One team – Our processes ensure we’re not working in silos. We’ll collaborate at every stage so we become an extension of your team, and establish an environment where sharing of knowledge, experience and insights flows both ways.

Audit your digital estate with us to help you understand how get better results from your website.

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