Digital Analytics

We implement analytics tools tailored to your business goals and create custom dashboards to surface insights that give you a richer understanding of where you are and how to hit your goals.

  • Uncover trends and opportunities hidden in your data.
  • Track engagement with content types and campaigns.
  • Share insights with stakeholders to allow more informed strategic decisions.

Digital KPI assessment

We conduct an evaluation of your digital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure they are effectively aligned with your overarching business goals and objectives. You get an action plan with valuable insights and actionable recommendations to improve the alignment of digital KPIs with the business objectives.

Implementing analytics tools

Having assessed your current tracking and reporting set-up and understood your goals, we will recommend and implement the right selection of tools to meet your analytics needs, be that Google Analytics 4, Google VWO, Hotjar, Heap Analytics or other tools.

Google Analytics Audit

We conduct a full audit of your Google Analytics 4 property. This review of your GA4 implementation and configuration will ensure you are accurately tracking and reporting your website data. It will identify areas to improve and fix any issues causing inaccurate reporting.

Dashboard design

We set up custom dashboard views, tailored to your digital KPIs. These will surface key trends, let you identify opportunities and set you up to continually improve your website.

Google Analytics 4 training

We'll deliver a tailored series of online training sessions on how to get the most out of Google Analytics 4. Covering setup, key features, basic reports, advanced exploration reports, custom audiences, events, and tips and tricks, this will get your team set up to gain maximum value from the analytics capabilities of GA4.

Analysis, reporting and continual improvement

We will provide ongoing monthly analysis of trends and changes, delivering presentations and reports to key stakeholders. We use the insights we uncover to provide you with regular recommendations for optimisations.

"We have huge ambitions as a charity so we can grow and support more young people and their families as their lives are turned upside down by cancer. Our website is one of, if not the most important resource in our ever growing toolkit. We chose to work with Numiko based on their vast experience in the sector and their track record of helping other charities to radically improve their digital performance."

Kevin Reynolds, Head of Digital Engagement, Teenage Cancer Trust

Recommended services

We recommend combining our digital analytics service with the following services for maximum impact:
Digital Audit (1)

As campaigns and colleagues come and go, it’s easy for your website to grow out of control. We can review your content, processes and technology to identify what can be tweaked to maximise your potential.

Content Strategy (1)

Refreshing your content strategy will give you a clear idea of how to plan, create, and maintain great content that fulfils the needs of your users and aligns with your strategic objectives.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (2)

Our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) service identifies and addresses friction points in a user journey that are stopping your users from taking a desired action, so you can drastically increase your results.

Working with us

How we’ll work with you:

Collaborative – We work to understand your organisation and all stakeholders, so we can guide complex organisations to deliver projects with a single vision.

A trusted guide – If we can see a better way to achieve your goal, we’ll tell you. We push your project to be the best it can be, so we’re willing to challenge conventional thinking to bring it to life.

One team – Our processes ensure we’re not working in silos. We’ll collaborate at every stage so we become an extension of your team, and establish an environment where sharing of knowledge, experience and insights flows both ways.

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Improve your understanding of your how your website performs with our digital analytics service.

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