User Insight

As your website grows, it’s easy to lose sight of your user’s needs. To get you back on track, you can rely on our expertise in analytics, primary research and user journey analysis to get actionable user insights.

  • Identify exactly what your users need and expect from your website.
  • Empower your teams to make decisions grounded in evidence, not assumptions.
  • Identify pain points and opportunities to optimise user journeys.

User segmentation

Making the right decisions for your website starts with knowing your users. We identify audience segments based on in-depth analysis of user behaviour, user interviews, and insights from sophisticated performance and analytics tools. From this, we generate user profiles that give you a clear picture of who your audience is, allowing you to deliver targeted content tailored to user preferences. Using this insight, we recruit representative users into ongoing panels for feedback throughout the project’s development.

Identifying user needs & satisfaction

By conducting surveys, interviews, and observation testing, we reveal what your users want to achieve and how they go about it. We also install tools on your website to provide quantitative data on satisfaction levels to guide how your user experience can be improved. Combining these data points lets us identify any pain points your users might encounter, so you can focus resources on the most critical areas to improve.

Understanding User Journeys

We review your key user journeys using analytics, HotJar and Microsoft Clarity to assess how well your users are currently achieving their goals. This allows us to see how your users really interact with your website, mapping out the main touch points and identifying any opportunities to improve your user experience.

We’ll then review your website using SEMrush, Google Analytics 4, and Google Search Console to assess the reliability and performance of your content and examine its SEO potential. This identifies which content is working well, and which is letting you down.  

"It was refreshing to work with an agency who worked hard to understand our particular organisational and audience needs, and communicated clearly and regularly. The team had a really positive, can-do attitude throughout the project, always willing to find the best solutions to our many requirements and never fazed when we added a new complexity."

Pamela Agar, Digital Projects Manager, The Francis Crick Institute

Working with us

How we’ll work with you:

  • Collaborative – We work to understand your organisation and all stakeholders, so we can guide complex organisations to deliver projects with a single vision.

  • A trusted guide – If we can see a better way to achieve your goal, we’ll tell you. We push your project to be the best it can be, so we’re willing to challenge conventional thinking to bring it to life.

  • One team – Our processes ensure we’re not working in silos. We’ll collaborate at every stage so we become an extension of your team, and establish an environment where sharing of knowledge, experience and insights flows both ways.

Recommended services

To help put your user insight into practice and deliver strong results, we recommend the following services:
Digital Audit (1)

As campaigns and colleagues come and go, it’s easy for your website to grow out of control. We can review your content, processes and technology to identify what can be tweaked to maximise your potential.

Content Strategy (1)

Refreshing your content strategy will give you a clear idea of how to plan, create, and maintain great content that fulfils the needs of your users and aligns with your strategic objectives.

Digital brand and user experience (1)

We’ll develop your existing guidelines to create a cohesive digital brand that thrives online, and combine it with our award-winning expertise in UX design to create experiences that delight your audiences.

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